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3D printed electric car LSEV received 7,000 pre-orders

3D printed electric car LSEV received 7,000 pre-orders


3D printed electric car LSEV received 7,000 pre-orders

An Italian based car company “XEV” has developed the 3D printed electric car model LSEV, receiving 7000 units of orders during the pre-order stage. Their clients includes Italian National Post Service and the car rental company ARVAL backed by the Bank of Paris. Large number of pre-orders and renowned clients attracted major automative parts manufacture Nemak to work and invest with them.

XEV research center

XEV research center

The major outer covers and interior parts of LSEV are manufactured using 3d printing technologies, making it the first car in the world that utilizes 3D printing technology for automobile interior design. The company plan to make small production run the end of year 2018.

Printing Time of Major Auto Parts

3d printing auto parts time estimates

Printing time estimates

Core Values of XEV

  1. Freedom of Customization



3D printing technology together with modular designs allows customers to deeply involve with the design of the appearance of automobile. Just like customizing your Nike shoes online, you should be able to customize your own vehicle.

2. Lean manufacturing

Additive manufacturing process is able to reduce the total number of automobile parts by 90%.

3. Fast Iteration

Pre-order from Major Clients

SLEV for Italian Post Service

LSEV for Holiday Inn Concept


According to Italian Post Service, LSEV will be used¬† the as the “Last-Mile” vehicle for delivery. The compact design of the vehicle allows the car to be drove and parked in narrow streets. The single car seat leaves more space for storage. Driver’s seat with increased hight make it convenient for drivers to get on and off the car.

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