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Fast, cost-effective choice for validating product appearance and non-functional parts with smooth surface and water resistance.
Excellent surface quality and isotropic mechanical properties. Its robustness combined with a charcoal grey appearance makes it ideal for the most demanding functional prototyping
Colorless, functional, accurate parts that simulate an acrylic appearance, ideal for applications requiring optical clarity, such as automotive lenses, bottles, fluid flow analysis, packaging prototypes, light pipes and more.
Black elements infused brown-red filament, ideal for walls in the architectures
Strong and durable, smooth surface finish, ideal for functional parts
Strong, robust, chemical resistant, ideal for functional parts
Dimensional stability along with high strength, ideal for applications requiring high stiffness like enclosures and housings, fixtures and tooling
6061 is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements
Peek is one of the best performing thermoplastics in the world -strength similar to alloy and weight 1/6 of steel -Heat resistant with the melting temperature at 334 ºC(633°F) -strong γ Irradiated resistance -corrosion resistance similar to steel/nickel -excellent fatigue, stripping and hydrolysis resistance -Self-lubricating with low coefficient of friction




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