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Ninja-Prototype is a prototyping and low volume production service target for hardware startups and small businesses. Great quality, affordable price, quick turn around time and excellent service are core standards of Ninja-Prototype.

About Our Production Capacity

We partnered with professional factories in China dedicated to different aspects of prototyping and low volume production. We currently have 20 SLA machines, 50 FDM machines, 4 SLS machines, and a factory specialised in urethane casting and CNC. We also work with major carriers such as DHL and EMS to provide the accelerated international shipping of 2-4 days with low price.


Ninja-Prototype guarantee:

All design files were kept private and permanently deleted after use
-NDA are welcomed





No.50 YongShou Road,

Huangpu Distric, Shanghai, China

Tel:(+86) 150-0192-6937

Email: service@ninjaprototype.com


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