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DIY 3D printed color changing light

DIY 3D printed color changing light

DIY 3D printed color changing cubic light

This color changing light is actually quite simple to make.

  1.  Find or design your own favourite 2D patterns. The patterns need to be hallow to let the light out. This pattern will be on the 5 surfaces of the cube, except the bottom one. In this example, we used two patterns, pattern A on the top surface, and pattern B on the rest 4 surfaces. You can for sure mix and match your patterns and even make each of the surface different if you wish.
  2. Construct your model in 3D software. Make the wall of the surface 3-4mm thick and also add two extra revolving shaft in order for the surfaces to be installed onto the bottom surface. (See picture below)
  3. Design the bottom surface and choose the light. In this example, we used the Playbulb sphere light, which have several modes such as stay as one color, continuously changing colors, change color when you flip it. You can use any light and also customize the size of the cube to fit with your light.
  4. Print your cubic case! Nylon will be the best choice and is what we used in this example. Nylon printed with SLS technology is not only durable, flexible and strong, but also able to present your designs in high resolutions. if you don’t tell people that the light is 3D printed, they would believe that it is molded.


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bottom of 3d color changing cubic light

3D printed color changing cube light

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