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Mix SLS and FDM methods to print an Makerbot T-Rex Skeleton

Mix SLS and FDM methods to print an Makerbot T-Rex Skeleton

T-Rex Skeleton 3d printed

Mix SLS and FDM methods to print an Makerbot T-Rex Skeleton

The T-Rex skeleton model from Makerbot is super popular. It has been collected by 10716 people and 300 fans has made one of their own. You can download all the files here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:275091 and make one by yourself if you want.

T-Res Skeleton for 3d printing

There are 19 STL files and 79 pieces required to create a fully assembled model. Most importantly, Makerbot has claimed to make the model prehistorically perfect and anatomically correct

Prehistorically Perfect

The T-Rex model is a great educational tool that’s 20 times smaller than the real-life skeleton of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Whether you’re using it in the classroom or adding it your collection, you’ll take pride in knowing it’s built accurately to scale.

Anatomically Correct

From tail to teeth, this carnivore is created exactly in the image of its ancestor. No details were spared, from its intricate skull, to its delicate ribcage, to its laughably small arms.

To avoid the “prototypy-look” and to achieve better mechanical properties, we decide to use SLS nylon to print majority parts of the model. It also ends up saving lots of time. If all parts are made of PLA, the total print time with FDM printer would be over 24 hours. taking model out of sls printer

T-Rex parts for assembly

T-rex Model assembled

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