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Tag / 3d printing technology

The largest SLS 3D model(HVAC) in the world printed by Farsoon FS1001P printer

car HVAC model 3d printed SLS
The largest 3D model(HVAC) printed one-piece with Farsoon SLS 3d printer                                                       A functional automobile HVAC printed in 10 hours by SLS 3d printing Rencently, Farsoon technology has worked...
Category 3D Printer3D Printing TechnologyFarsoonSLS

New 3D Printing Lamellar Titanium Technology encourages bone growth with spinal implants

There’s a reason the expression “to be the backbone of” exists. The backbone is without question the most fundamental structural support of the human body, allowing us to stand and bend. It also houses the all-important spinal cord, which connects all parts of our body directly to the brain. Unfortunately, a number of injuries, infections...
Category 3D printing & Medical Application

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